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insurance claim investigation in Kenya
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Claim Investigations & Insurance Investigators in Kenya

An Insurance Fraud Investigation is an investigation conducted to determine whether or not insurance fraud has occurred. Insurance fraud investigation is one of our key competencies. We work closely with many of the major Life and Health insurance providers, Attorneys / Lawyers, Loss Adjusters, Investigation Agencies, self insured and self funded employers to assist in identifying those committing fraudulent insurance acts. Our insurance investigation services are mentioned below:

  • Claims related Insurance Investigation
  • Insurance Fraud investigations
  • Accident Claims Investigations
  • Life Insurance Claim Investigation
  • Property Claim Investigations
  • Travel Insurance Claim Investigation
  • Insurance Surveillance Services
  • Third Party Claims / Medi-Claims / Personal accident investigations
  • Theft Claim Investigation
  • Tracing Witnesses and obtaining Statement
  • Recovery of the stolen vehicles
  • Assisting Counsels / Lawyers
  • Legal and Insurance Support Services

Our claim investigators starts investigation to check the claimant's credit, perform surveillance, collect information from the scene, consult experts, and use law enforcement resources for assistance and concrete evidence. For rendering the above insurance investigation services, we have experienced insurance claim investigators for the discreet investigations. For further discussion about our claim investigation services for your requirement respectively kindly contact us on

insurance claim investigator in kenya